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Total Parking Solutions Ltd – Charge Notice SCAM – DO NOT PAY THEM!

22 Feb
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total_parking_solutions_tps_charge_notice_logoDO NOT PAY THE CHARGE NOTICE!!

If you have ever parked on private land and get a “Charge Notice” letter posted from “Total Parking Solutions” (TPS) DO NOT PAY IT! By law you do not have to as it is on private land and it is a CHARGE and not a FINE.

The TPS letters will ask you to make a payment of £90.00 within 28 days from the date of their notice. They will accept £50.00 if this payment is received in 14 days of the notice.
If the payment is not received within 28 days an additional Debt Recovery Administrative charge will be incurred and the out standing balance will increase to £110.
Who cares? ignore the charges and do not pay unless you like to give money away for no reason.

Apparently the Total Parking Solutions can contact DVLA and for a couple of Pounds Sterling they can have a copy of the registered address for the vehicle and your contact details. (To be honest if this is true then I why the hell are DVLA providing these details about my vehicle for a small fee?) Maybe they need to re access the laws and data protection acts in this area.

I will post the letters from the company here as and when I receive them and keep you updated on the progress then you can all follow suit.

Do not appeal any letters or anything do not make contact with them at all! They will send you many letters just ignore them and keep them for your records. Maybe they can be used for harassment in the future?.. haha

Just remember… DO NOT PAY!


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