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Pico 2000 Digital Surveillance Recorder Software

17 Nov
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Below is a link to download the software & driver CD. This is the zip file of the entire CD I purchased from eBay. (Hopefully it is of use to someone as the drivers seem very rare.)

pico 2000

pico2000 card

It is for a UCC4 PCI Video Capture Card with four video inputs. It should allow you to watch your CCTV and Record I believe. I had trouble getting the drivers and files to work on later operating systems as they are for Windows 2000 and NT and also for Windows 98 but feel free to try.

There are many files included such as:

  • drivers
  • documents
  • manuals,
  • intelligent remote module
  • patches
  • service pack
  • video setup
  • english and chinese packs.

The download is around 35MB.

Download Pico 2000 package here.




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DX Client 2.7.1 (CCTV Net Viewer)

22 Jan
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DX Client 2.7.1 is a small program which will allow you to connect to a certain IP address. (example:
If you have a CCTV Digital Video Recorder (DVR) connected to the internet you can connect to it using this program. It will allow you to view the cameras from any computer as long as you have this program installed and have an internet connection.

DX Client Net Viewer Screenshot

Download the DX Client 2.7.1:
Dx Client Net Viewer

Digital Video Recorder:
Dx Client can be used to connect to the following DVR and will most probably work on other models.

DVR DX Client Front

DVR DX Client Rear


If you need any more information, photos or help please comment below, thanks.


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