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Bradford Digital Ltd selling illegally CE marked power supplies in the UK.

04 Mar
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Bradford Digital Ltd are selling incorrectly marked CE power supplies in the UK which is illegal. They do not have the correct Conformité Européenne marking on they have the China Export marking . This can be worked out by the spacing between the C and the E on the logo. Google this and it will explain how to determine if its a dodgy, untested, poor quality, cheap electrical item. If so it will have the China Export marking. This means they have not been fully tested and should not be sold in the UK. They are being sold on website and also on

The seller has been informed but takes no notice and continues to sell them. They have been reported to Trading Standards.

You are better off paying for one in Maplin or somewhere similar so you know the CE mark will be legal and you have no risk of causing a fire.

Photo of the PSU and China Export CE mark below (A picture is worth a thousand words):bradford digital image bradford digital image


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You must accept the International Selling Agreement before you can list this item on a site other than where you registered or with international postage options.

13 Jul
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I got stuck with this error message:

eBay Message:


You can’t complete this listing right now. See below for details.

You must accept the International Selling Agreement before you can list this item on a site other than where you registered or with international postage options. If you prefer not to accept this agreement, you will need to list only where you registered and choose local postage options in this tool before resubmitting your listing. Please visit to accept these terms.

I hope the link below sorts out your problem follow this link once logged in and click “I agree”

Here’s the link to the actual agreement:

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Non CE Approved Power Supplies being sold on eBay

28 Nov
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eBay sellers are advertising they are selling CE approved power supplies (psu).

When you receive them they are NOT CE approved.

You pay through the nose for a CE approved one so you should expect one!

I have had this problem with two eBay sellers.

I will look into what CE approved exactly means but please think; is it worth your house catching on fire?

Just watch out for hundreds of eBay sellers selling this crap.



Hope this helps someone, feel free to comment below.


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Pico 2000 Digital Surveillance Recorder Software

17 Nov
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Below is a link to download the software & driver CD. This is the zip file of the entire CD I purchased from eBay. (Hopefully it is of use to someone as the drivers seem very rare.)

pico 2000

pico2000 card

It is for a UCC4 PCI Video Capture Card with four video inputs. It should allow you to watch your CCTV and Record I believe. I had trouble getting the drivers and files to work on later operating systems as they are for Windows 2000 and NT and also for Windows 98 but feel free to try.

There are many files included such as:

  • drivers
  • documents
  • manuals,
  • intelligent remote module
  • patches
  • service pack
  • video setup
  • english and chinese packs.

The download is around 35MB.

Download Pico 2000 package here.




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DX Client 2.7.1 (CCTV Net Viewer)

22 Jan
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DX Client 2.7.1 is a small program which will allow you to connect to a certain IP address. (example:
If you have a CCTV Digital Video Recorder (DVR) connected to the internet you can connect to it using this program. It will allow you to view the cameras from any computer as long as you have this program installed and have an internet connection.

DX Client Net Viewer Screenshot

Download the DX Client 2.7.1:
Dx Client Net Viewer

Digital Video Recorder:
Dx Client can be used to connect to the following DVR and will most probably work on other models.

DVR DX Client Front

DVR DX Client Rear


If you need any more information, photos or help please comment below, thanks.


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