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Jaguar X-Type Middle Seat Belt Not Working – SOLVED

20 May
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If you have a Jaguar X-Type and the rear middle seat belt is not retracting or releasing try these steps below:

Release the rear seat using the catch to fold it down. (Only do this with the seat that has the middle seat belt actually built in to it.) Now slam the seat back really hard. Now try the seat belt it should fully work. If it doest not then remove the parcel shelf and check behind the seat for anything that could be trapping the seat from going completly back and retry this once again. If it solves it then install the parcel shelf back in the car.

This should solve the issue and now the middle passenger can use the seat belt again.

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End Tag “br” – W3C HTML Validation Error [SOLVED]

13 Mar
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If you try to validate your code to the HTML 4 W3C standard and the following validation error message is displayed then follow these steps on how to resolve this issue.

The Line number will be different for your coded project and will tell you exactly where the problem in the code is located.

Line 521: End tag “br”.

If you have the tag e.g:


You will need to change this to the following:


This will have resolved that error message. Repeat this for all other occurrences.

Please note: In XHTML the following line break codes can both be used:

<br /> and <br>

In HTML5 and XHTML both of the line breaks above can be used but <br> is preferred.

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Bad value for attribute “href” on element “a”: Illegal character in query: space is not allowed. [SOLVED]

12 Mar
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If you have received the following W3C validation error then this will help you solve the issue.

Line 290: Bad value for attribute “href” on element “a”: Illegal character in query: space is not allowed.

onclick=”, ”, ‘menubar=no,toolbar=no,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,height=600,width=600’);return false;”>

Remove the 2 spaces in the code:

this.href, ”, ‘menubar=no,toolbar

The code should now read:


The issue will now be resolved.


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How to solve the “apple-touch-icon-precomosed” W3C Validation Error [SOLVED]

12 Mar
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How to solve the “apple-touch-icon-precomosed” W3c Validation Error message.

If your code reads like the following then it will need to be changed to the code further below.

<link rel=”apple-touch-icon-precomosed” sizes=”57×57″ href=”×57.png” />

Change the above code to the following (Removing “-precomosed”:

<link rel=”apple-touch-icon” sizes=”57×57″ href=”×57.png” />

Now this error message will have been resolved and repeat this change for any other occurences in your code.

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Jaguar X-Type Fuel Filter Changed Now Engine Wont Start [SOLVED]

04 Jun
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I changed the fuel filter on a Jaguar X-Type 2005 model and now the engine wont start.  You can hear the engine trying to start but it doesnt quite make it.

Well basically the best way I found to solve this was to take the new fuel filter off and use a funnel and poor diesel directly into it filling it up and tilting it slightly to allow the air to come out of it fully and get as much diesel in as possible.
Re attach the fuel filter exactly how it was taken of to the correct hoses/pipes making sure the arrows line up and the fuel filter is the right way around as you can rotate it 180 degrees and it would then make the arrows point the wrong direction.
Refit and then turn the ignition on until the coil goes out on the dash light and repeat this for about five times.  Now start the engine it may hesitate very slightly and then just leave it to run and it will fully work as normal.

This is exactly what i did and it worked based on what I read online and in the Haynes manuals.  Hopefully this will save you a lot more time than I wasted on this task.

New Fuel Filter




Old Fuel Filter

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If Skype will not install then try this work around using the portable version

25 Mar
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uninstall skype fully remove logo

I tried uninstalling Skype which completed successfully but it was still installed on the computer so therefore I could not update to a later version of Skype.


In the end I installed the Skype Portable version and this allowed me to use Skype again. I installed it on my PC and it can also be installed on a USB drive if required.

Download Link:

Skype Portable Version (Allows you to install on PC or on USB Dongle)


I tried the following steps and still had no luck. They may work for you so have kept the details noted below:

I uninstalled Skype by going to the following on Windows 7:

Start > Control Panel > Programs & Features > Then clicking on Skype and clicking the “Uninstall/Change” button and choosing uninstall.

I completed this step and Skype was no longer appearing on the Programs & Features list but it was still installed.

I then had to do the following:

First, uninstall Skype again then have a look in C:\Users>{yourname}>AppData for any Skype folders which might be clinging on to settings you want to bin. Also, hit Windows key and R together then type regedit into the Open box an hit Enter. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Software>Skype and delete the entire key then click Edit and Find, type in Skype and delete any further references you find by hitting Function 3 to find the next one every time. Leave the Registry by the File menu Exit and restart the computer twice. That should do it

If you try to install a newer Skype version and get this error message:

Installing Skype failed; code 1638

After spending hours on attempting to get this to work I gave up as it was not a high priority for me when Skype Portable works fine.



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[SOLVED] – Samsung Galaxy S4 Microphone Faulty/Not Working

13 Mar
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I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S4 with a broken microphone which I was hoping to fix. When I made phone calls I had to put the loudspeaker on every time so the other person could hear me as the other microphone used without the loudspeaker was not functioning. I purchased a new ribbon cable with a microphone and charging port and replaced it. I then tried to charge the phone and got the following message on the phone:

Info: Charging paused. Battery temperature too low.

See photo:

The device would not charge at all due to this error. So I then put the original ribbon cable with the old microphone and charging port back in the device and re-tested. The phone would charge as normal. The microphone was still faulty.

I did try cleaning the mic port with a small pin/needle and this did clear some dirt away but this still did not solve the problem

I then tried a full factory reset on the phone doing this by pressing the

power button + home button + Volume up button (whilst the phone is off.)

You can the do a full factory reset – I believe this is different from the one in the “settings” on the phone as I tried that and the microphone still would not work.

I found that when a full factory reset was done by holding the above buttons down and completing the factory reset and making a phone call the microphone started to work again.

So my beliefs so far is that the microphone issue is actually a software problem with Android OS or possibly an application conflicting with the microphone.

So from doing this the microphone is fully working again and the problem is solved.

I hope this helps someone else with the same issues.


Some extra photos that you may find useful:



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Stop Windows 7 Libraries Folder Opening on Start up [SOLVED]

30 Sep
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libraries folder opens on boot
This tip will stop the libraries folder opening on start up.

I tried many ways to solve this issue and below is the solution that worked for me and will hopefully work for you.

  1. Go to > Start Menu > Run >
  2. Type: “regedit”
  3. Click “OK”
  4. Browse to the following path way by clicking on each folder on the left hand side.
    “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon”
  5. On the right hand side you will see Name: “Userinit” Type: REG_SZ and Data: “c:\windows\system32\userinit.exe,userinit.exe” (This is what mine was).
  6. Double click on “Userinit”
  7. Now change the Data to: “c:\windows\system32\userinit.exe”
  8. Click “OK”
  9. Now reboot and this sh0uld help solve your issue.PS. Remember to not change any other data in regedit unless you know exactly what you are doing as this could cause serious problems and prevent your computer from starting.Click on any screenshot to see a clearer larger example.

libraries folder opens on boot solved

Below is a link to the website which helped me solve it.

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If Windows 7 system recovery is running very slow and your computer system will not boot try this

01 Jun
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If Windows 7 system recovery is running very slow and the operating system will not boot this may be because something is running on your computer system slowly or could be faulty.
E.g. Hard drive

I found out a hard drive was running with problems causing the whole system to almost grind to a halt.The hard drive was faulty.

I determined this by disconnecting all devices and drives on the system and then plugging in the bootable disc. I then powerer the system up and it booted fully into windows 7.  With no problems.
I then tried connecting another hard drive then i tried booting again until i could see when the problem occured amd what device was causing it.
It wasnt immediately obvious as the hard drive was very intermittent but wheb i left windows on for a bit when i finally booted the system with the faulty hard drive then mouse was very laggy and doing anything was extremely slow. I managed to reboot and try again literally with the faulty drive and the bootable drive and i did actually manage to copy the files from the drive that were important and not backed up.
So i retrieved my data and through the hard drive away.

Prooved that a faulty hard drive on the same BUS on the computer will cause the entire system to run slow.

Solution pin point the faulty drive and remove.

I did have trouble booting into windows 7 it was due to an Avast system file causing the problems originally. Then i managed to boot into windows safe mode with networking and it took me many goes and then it suddenly did boot. Once in there i downloaded Avast uninstall/remover utility from their site to see if this would cure the booting problem. It did not and it it was now getting stuck on a file named something like classpnp.sys i cannot entirely remember the name.
But once i disconnected all the drives i did not need to worry about any of this as the faulty drive was causing all these issues somehow.

So the problem was solved.

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T-Mobile Network SIM Card Lock Default Code [SOLVED]

25 May
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If you have just got a new SIM card from T-mobile network and you have tried setting up SIM card lock then this code is the default and will work for you.

Default T-Mobile Network SIM card lock code is: 1210
This code allows you to change the sim card lock code so if you loose your phone and someone tries to power your phone on or put your SIM card in another phone it will ask for this code. It prevents people from running up your phone bill etc.  Very useful!

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Three network SIM Card Lock Code [SOLVED]

24 May
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If you have just got a new SIM card from Three mobile network and you have tried setting up SIM card lock then this code is the default and will work for you.

Default Three Mobile Network SIM card lock code is: 0000

This code allows you to change the sim card lock code so if you loose your phone and someone tries to power your phone on or put your SIM card in another phone it will ask for this code. It prevents people from running up your phone bill etc.  Very useful!

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Adobe Acrobat Reader will not let you print [SOLVED]

12 May
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If Adobe Acrobat Reader will not let you print and you can print all other documents on the computer then there is a problem with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
If you goto Edit – Preferences –  then goto the security options link on the left hand side there will be a check box to untick to disable protection.
Uncheck that and click apply and ok. 
Then try to print and there you go this solved my problem at work and may help you out.



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Samsung Galaxy S4 Wifi Connection Problem with Dlink DIR-655 Router [SOLVED]

03 Nov
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If you have a problem connecting your Samsung Galaxy S4 to a Dlink DIR-655 Wifi Connection then you need to change the following:


Login to the DIR-655

Go to:
Wireless Settings
Manual Wireless Network Settings
Now scroll down to the WPA Header on the page.
Change the Cipher Type to TKIP. (If it is on AES or AES & TKIP it will have problems on the Samsung Galaxy S4 for some reason.)

Problem solved.

Note: I used firmware 1.31EU
To view the firmware version go to: Tools > Firmware.

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