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[SOLVED] – Samsung Galaxy S4 Microphone Faulty/Not Working

13 Mar
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I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S4 with a broken microphone which I was hoping to fix. When I made phone calls I had to put the loudspeaker on every time so the other person could hear me as the other microphone used without the loudspeaker was not functioning. I purchased a new ribbon cable with a microphone and charging port and replaced it. I then tried to charge the phone and got the following message on the phone:

Info: Charging paused. Battery temperature too low.

See photo:

The device would not charge at all due to this error. So I then put the original ribbon cable with the old microphone and charging port back in the device and re-tested. The phone would charge as normal. The microphone was still faulty.

I did try cleaning the mic port with a small pin/needle and this did clear some dirt away but this still did not solve the problem

I then tried a full factory reset on the phone doing this by pressing the

power button + home button + Volume up button (whilst the phone is off.)

You can the do a full factory reset – I believe this is different from the one in the “settings” on the phone as I tried that and the microphone still would not work.

I found that when a full factory reset was done by holding the above buttons down and completing the factory reset and making a phone call the microphone started to work again.

So my beliefs so far is that the microphone issue is actually a software problem with Android OS or possibly an application conflicting with the microphone.

So from doing this the microphone is fully working again and the problem is solved.

I hope this helps someone else with the same issues.


Some extra photos that you may find useful:



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Uninstall AirDroid on Samsung Galaxy S3

02 Nov
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How to uninstall Android from the Samsung Galaxy S3:

On the Samsung Galaxy S3 go to:
Settings >
More >
Security >
Device Administrators >
AirDroid (Uninstall)


Easy as that!

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Error connecting to wireless network on Samsung Galaxy S3 comes up as disabled

07 Apr
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If you are trying to connect to a wifi on a Samsung Galaxy S3 it may come up with this error message:

If this is displayed on your phone it is most likely an incorrect password for that wireless network connection.

Took me a while to solve as my router had defaulted to the standard password somehow and I was using my custom password which no longer existed.

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