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End Tag “br” – W3C HTML Validation Error [SOLVED]

13 Mar
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If you try to validate your code to the HTML 4 W3C standard and the following validation error message is displayed then follow these steps on how to resolve this issue.

The Line number will be different for your coded project and will tell you exactly where the problem in the code is located.

Line 521: End tag “br”.

If you have the tag e.g:


You will need to change this to the following:


This will have resolved that error message. Repeat this for all other occurrences.

Please note: In XHTML the following line break codes can both be used:

<br /> and <br>

In HTML5 and XHTML both of the line breaks above can be used but <br> is preferred.

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Phonecalls from: 0800 358 4494

24 Sep
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reject phone call icon
They seem to be a company calling on behalf of “Three Network” which I believe is a load of rubbish.

They call from this number:


I spoke to them told them I was not interested and they asked if anyone in my family would be interested in their deals.

May help someone else out if you get multiple calls throughout the day and now you know what they will want to speak to you about.

To reject future calls from them on Android:
Go to the “Phone” icon (Green) and click the “Logs” tab and click and hold the number e.g. 0800 358 4494
Then select “Add to reject list”

Problem resolved.


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