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Porsche Boxster 986 – Door Mechanism Repair.

01 Mar
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This page will show some photos on how you can repair a Porsche Boxster Door Mechanism.

This page is helpful if your driver or passenger door will not open when you pull the handle up. (The glass will drop but the door will not open.)

In Short:

The plastic part that connects to the threaded bar on the door handle mechanism either comes unclipped or loose. Just take the door trim apart and use a torch to reclip this back on. I did use a cable tie/strap to prevent it from sliding off again although I think it maybe just vibrated undone after years of driving.

Note: do not put the black plastic part all the way up the threaded bar as it will not allow you to drop the glass before you open the door. It will open the door and drop the glass all in one go which is not correct. So just adjust the black plastic part on the threaded bar to overcome this.

Photos below:

The black plastic part here has a slot in so the threaded bar can be pushed into it from the side you cannot see. Once in you can slide the larger black plastic part down towards the threaded bar to lock it in position.

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[SOLVED] – Samsung Galaxy S4 Microphone Faulty/Not Working

13 Mar
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I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S4 with a broken microphone which I was hoping to fix. When I made phone calls I had to put the loudspeaker on every time so the other person could hear me as the other microphone used without the loudspeaker was not functioning. I purchased a new ribbon cable with a microphone and charging port and replaced it. I then tried to charge the phone and got the following message on the phone:

Info: Charging paused. Battery temperature too low.

See photo:

The device would not charge at all due to this error. So I then put the original ribbon cable with the old microphone and charging port back in the device and re-tested. The phone would charge as normal. The microphone was still faulty.

I did try cleaning the mic port with a small pin/needle and this did clear some dirt away but this still did not solve the problem

I then tried a full factory reset on the phone doing this by pressing the

power button + home button + Volume up button (whilst the phone is off.)

You can the do a full factory reset – I believe this is different from the one in the “settings” on the phone as I tried that and the microphone still would not work.

I found that when a full factory reset was done by holding the above buttons down and completing the factory reset and making a phone call the microphone started to work again.

So my beliefs so far is that the microphone issue is actually a software problem with Android OS or possibly an application conflicting with the microphone.

So from doing this the microphone is fully working again and the problem is solved.

I hope this helps someone else with the same issues.


Some extra photos that you may find useful:



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