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MP3 Downloads, Kickass Torrents & The Pirate Bay Domain/URL Lists

14 May
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Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) are blocking many torrent and mp3 download domains/websites. Below is a small list of URLS/Links that may get around the ISP blocks.


Kickass Torrents:

The Pirate Bay:


Other torrent sites:

MP3 Downloads:

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How to extract hundreds or thousands of MP3’s from hundreds of album folders

30 May
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Well I wanted to extract all my MP3’s to one single folder rather than have them all automatically sorted and sorted into album folders.

The best way to do this was go to the folder the music and music albums are in. Then do a search for “*.*” without the quotes to bring up all files in the music folder.

Once that is done highlight all CTRL + A and then CUT & PASTE into a new folder e.g “All Music Tracks”

Hey presto! no need for any freeware or third party programs! as easy as that!

Enjoy 🙂


Also check here for another reference on how to do this:


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