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Extending Phone Ring Length Before it Goes to Voicemail.

17 May
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If you would like to extend the phone ring length before it goes to voicemail please take a look below.

I have pre-entered an example for the VODAFONE, O2, Orange and T-Mobile networks.

The time can be altered in 5 second steps and be set between 5 and 30 seconds long – so you can use 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 seconds.


How To Guide:
All the following are 30 seconds long. Change the 30 to 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 to alter the ring length.

Type the following into the keypad on the dial screen.

**61*121*10*30# Then press the call button (VODAFONE)
**61*901*10*30# Then press the call button (O2)
**61*123*10*30# Then press the call button (Orange)
**61*150*10*30# Then press the call button (T-Mobile)

You can also change the ring duration from the menu function on some phones but not all phones and devices have this capability.

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Mobile phone detects the original phone number of that simcard.

25 Mar
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I had trouble with my Samsung Galaxy S4 detecting the original phone number from the sim card before I transferred to the Three network.
This was due to me leaving my original network O2 and when I took out a new contract with Three network they gave me a new sim card with a different phone number on.
I then supplied the PUK code and transferred my original phone number from O2 over to Three.
Now the phone number would fully work as planned and as normal apart from one minor issue.
That issue was that the Samsung Galaxy S4 detects the original phone number that was on the Three network SIM card before I transferred it over.
So apps that use your phone number such as Whatsapp read the phone number from the SIM which I would assume is stored in the SIM although my new phone number works for ingoing and out going calls.
So normally you have to go into Whatsapp and all the other apps that use the phone number stored in the SIM and change them. Not a big deal but when you factory reset you have to re enter it all. Such a pain in the bum.

Basically the answer is this:

Contact your network provider e.g. Three Network and state you need a replacement SIM. Make sure the replacement SIM comes programmed with the phone number you wish to use.
They send you the SIM you then can either activate it online or call them and within 2 hours your new SIM will fully work and the phone number for the apps will be correct and in your phones device settings.

Activate your SIM here:

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Phonecalls from: 0800 358 4494

24 Sep
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reject phone call icon
They seem to be a company calling on behalf of “Three Network” which I believe is a load of rubbish.

They call from this number:


I spoke to them told them I was not interested and they asked if anyone in my family would be interested in their deals.

May help someone else out if you get multiple calls throughout the day and now you know what they will want to speak to you about.

To reject future calls from them on Android:
Go to the “Phone” icon (Green) and click the “Logs” tab and click and hold the number e.g. 0800 358 4494
Then select “Add to reject list”

Problem resolved.


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Mobile Phone Xchange Scam or Not?

18 Jan
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Mobile Phone Exchange Logo

My email to Mobile Phone Xchange:
(Mon 18/01/2010 20:09)


After waiting two weeks I still have not received any payment from yourselves regarding my phone: Nokia N95.
Customer Reference Number: 974064

Please update me on how much longer I have to wait until I receive the payment of £87.


Jason Kench

I will also state that I made the email High Importance (!) and also requested a delivery and read receipt and I never received any receipts although they replied to my email.

My response from Mobile Phone Xchange:
(Tue 19/01/2010 09:09)

Dear customer

Your handset was accepted on the 17th payment is made three working days after the handset is accepted which dependingon your bank will then take up to three days to clear as available funds.

Kind regards

Mobile Phone Xchange Ltd
Mountcliff House
154 Brent Street
London NW4 2DR

Just to update everyone:
I have now received payment for my Nokia N95.

So from my personal experience I got paid what they stated they would pay me, so I am happy.

I put bubble wrap inside the envelope they sent me to make sure if was not damaged in transit. I also recorded a video of the camera working and being packaged up for evidence if needed.

I wish everyone else good luck with their service and if you have any comments/issues please post them down below.

Please read the following website for issues and problems with their service:

Domain Whois Information: (Supplied via
Domain name:

Douglas Price

Registrant type:
UK Individual

Registrant’s address:
MountCliff House
154 Brent Street
United Kingdom

Webfusion Ltd t/a [Tag = 123-REG]

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 26-Jan-2005
Renewal date:  26-Jan-2011
Last updated:  07-Jan-2009

Registration status:
Registered until renewal date.

Name servers:

WHOIS lookup made at 20:18:29 18-Jan-2010

IP Location: Hayling, United Kingdom
Website Status: active
Server Type: Microsoft-IIS/7.0
Alexa Trend/Rank: Up Arrow 1 Month: 153,228    3 Month: 165,562
Page Views per Visit: Up Arrow 1 Month: 3.4    3 Month: 3.2

Also used this site for phone pricing comparisons:
Mobile Phone Recycling

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