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Aqua Mail App – How to setup a email signature

12 Oct
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Please follow the instructions below to allow you to setup an email signature in Aqua Mail.

1) long-press the account in the main window
2) choose “Options and folders”, then “Composing and Sending”.
3) The signature setting is on the next screen.

I hope you all enjoy this tip! It took me a while to figure this secret menu out 🙂


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Samsung 50″ Plasma Display – PS50B530 – Keeps Powering On and Off!

18 Jan
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I recently purchased a Samsung 50″ Plasma Display (PS50B530) and It keeps powering on and off!

This is due to it attempting a software update every 45 minutes. Which can be enabled or disabled in:  Menu> Settings> Software Updates

Hope this helps everyone with the same issues.

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