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How to extract a .SBU Samsung Kies Phone Backup File [SOLVED]

18 Sep
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SBU Extractor for Samsung Backup Files

If you have a .SBU backup file you created ages ago with Samsung Kies and the new Samsung Kies will not open it try this brilliant program out:


For more information on the program and to download it go here to the developers website:

This allowed me to extract a lot of data from the .SBU file but it did have issues at extracting all the files unfortunately.

Please donate on the guys website if you found it useful.


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How to Jailbreak Apple iPhone 5.0.1 with Redsn0w (Untethered)

19 Jan
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If you want to jailbreak your iphone running version 5.0.1 then you have come to the right place.
All you need to do is the following:

  1. Download redsn0w here (redsn0w_win_0.9.10b1) or (
  2. Turn off your phone once attached to the computer via the usb cable.
  3. Close any programs that may be trying to connect to your iPhone e.g iTunes or Media Monkey etc.
  4. Extract the contents of the download file (redsn0w_win_0.9.10b1) to a new folder.
  5. Run “redsn0w.exe”
  6. Follow the onscreen instructions

Once the jailbreak has been complete do the following to add extra sources so you can download extra stuff like installous the jailbreak app store.

  1. Goto the Cydia app icon on the iPhone.
  2. Goto sources
  3. Add a source (Top right hand button I think “edit” or a “+”)
  4. Enter the source e.g:
  5. Once added do a search
  6. Search for “installous”
  7. Install “installous”
  8. Then run the “installous” app from the icon on the iPhone.
  9. Then search for almost any app you want and install


Just remember dont update the iPhone when you connect it to iTunes as it normally disables the jailbreak and you then need to see if they have released a jailbreak for the next version. If there is then you can re jailbreak it. If there isnt one for your version then youll have to wait until one is released which normally is a few weeks or months.

means you do not need to jail break the iPhone everytime it turns off or reboots.

means you need to jailbreak it everytime you reboot or turn the phone off or when it occasionally crashes.

Extra Sources for the Cydia app:
I think if you add more sources it allows you to find more apps and games etc to download.

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PHP Web Stat – Problem with recreating the cache

08 Jan
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If you get a problem with the PHP Web Stat counter not loading and saying the following message then I have a possible solution.

Error Message:
PHP Web Stat Updating Stat Cache ErrorPlease wait…
Updating stat cache!
This process can take a few seconds.


If the problem occurs, no Finish button will appear by creating the cache, the following approach could solve this problem:

FIX 1:
Browser = Internet Explorer?
The problem should not occur

Browser = Firefox?
When using this browser the following setting will help:
1. Open “about:config” in the firefox browser. (Instead of “” use “about:config” this will access the FireFox configuration file.
2. Select the value “network.http.redirection-limit” or copy and paste it from here and search the config file for this value.
3. Choose the right mouse button and choose “Edit” or “Modify”
4. Change the default value from “20” to “100”
5. Confirm with the OK button
6. Exit browser and restart
7. Ready


Fix 2:

If the problem still persists try this:
When you have installed the counter visit the address e.g:

The sysinfo.php page will show you green tick, yellow caution signs and red crosses.

What they mean:

Green Tick = Everything fine.
Yellow Caution = Possibly delete the file such as update.php
Red Cross = Problem with permissions on the file or folder.

You need to fix all these issues to make sure your counter works correctly.

Easiest way would be to log into FTP program and right click on each file and folder to change the permission to what it either states in the manual or like below:

A useful page to access when the counter is not working correctly is the admin page located here for example:

Another very useful page is the admin area called “Statistic Backup” always create a statistic backup when you make any modification and also on a regular basis incase of hacking or file loss etc.

The developers forum is located here:

Apart from this problem the counters they offer are really easy to setup and great to monitor website visitors. We at NerdorTurd have purchased PHP Web Stat to monitor our visitors.
If you are interested please visit:




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