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Send from multiple accounts on Gmail using Aqua Mail Identities.

12 Mar
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If you have a Gmail account you can setup extra email account aliases on that gmail account. This will allow you to send from any domain name you own e.g. rather than e.g.

This will make your emails look more professional when dealing with clients etc.

Note: Gmail calls these “aliases”, in Aqua Mail they are called “identities”.

Login to you Gmail account.
> Press on the Settings Cog in the top right of the screen.
> Settings.
> Accounts and Import
> Goto the Send Mail As section
> Add another email address
> Enter your name
> Enter the email alias you want to add to Gmail. (E.g

Then enter the following details on this picture below to send the emails using the gmail server.

Gmail Email Forwarder

SMTP Server:
Port: 587
Username: This is your gmail email address
Password: This is your gmail password
Security: Secured connection using TLS (Recommended)
Click on Save Changes.
You will be sent an email. Click on the link in the email to verify your request.

Aqua Mail Account Identities

On your phone open Aqua Mail.
Goto the menu and click on “Accounts”
Hold your finger on your account in the list until a menu comes appears.
Add an Identity
Enter your email address you want to send emails from:
Enter your name for outgoing emails.

Now when you try to send an email on Aqua Mail it will now ask what email address alias that you want to send the email from. Choose the one you want to send from.


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Excerpt textarea missing on WordPress post editing page [SOLVED]

11 Mar
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excerpt textarea

If the excerpt textarea is missing from the WordPress post editing page in the admin panel you will need to click “Screen Options” in the top right of the “Add a New Post” view/screen and click the checkbox for “Excerpt”. This will re-enable it and you will see it appear straight away.


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Nerd or Turd is Under Redevelopment due to hacker!

20 Dec
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This site was hacked and the database was dropped (Deleted). Luckily I had very minor backups that I could restore.

I have learnt alot from this complete and utter **** (Use a four letter inpolite word here or just use turd).

I will be ready for any more hacking attacks 😉


If you would like to see some of the details of the hacker please see below:

  • Changed my “Site Title” to Hacked.

One interesting thing I found out was if you have access to cPanel and can use PhpMyAdmin you can look in the tables in the database and you can see his own admin user account he edited/created. Your admin account will no longer work for trying to access the actual WordPress site.

Once you have changed the login details to your own so you can regain access to the admin area of WordPress you can then take note of the plugin names you have installed. When you reinstall WordPress you ca now find the plugins you used before more easily. (They could well be on the server still if you check with FTP program).

If anyone else has any tips to help resolve this issue that would be great as it actually affected thousands of WordPress blogs and sites.

My first tip is to backup very often!



All users please bare with me whilst the site is redeveloped.



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