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If Windows 7 system recovery is running very slow and your computer system will not boot try this

01 Jun
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If Windows 7 system recovery is running very slow and the operating system will not boot this may be because something is running on your computer system slowly or could be faulty.
E.g. Hard drive

I found out a hard drive was running with problems causing the whole system to almost grind to a halt.The hard drive was faulty.

I determined this by disconnecting all devices and drives on the system and then plugging in the bootable disc. I then powerer the system up and it booted fully into windows 7.  With no problems.
I then tried connecting another hard drive then i tried booting again until i could see when the problem occured amd what device was causing it.
It wasnt immediately obvious as the hard drive was very intermittent but wheb i left windows on for a bit when i finally booted the system with the faulty hard drive then mouse was very laggy and doing anything was extremely slow. I managed to reboot and try again literally with the faulty drive and the bootable drive and i did actually manage to copy the files from the drive that were important and not backed up.
So i retrieved my data and through the hard drive away.

Prooved that a faulty hard drive on the same BUS on the computer will cause the entire system to run slow.

Solution pin point the faulty drive and remove.

I did have trouble booting into windows 7 it was due to an Avast system file causing the problems originally. Then i managed to boot into windows safe mode with networking and it took me many goes and then it suddenly did boot. Once in there i downloaded Avast uninstall/remover utility from their site to see if this would cure the booting problem. It did not and it it was now getting stuck on a file named something like classpnp.sys i cannot entirely remember the name.
But once i disconnected all the drives i did not need to worry about any of this as the faulty drive was causing all these issues somehow.

So the problem was solved.

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