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DX Client 2.7.1 (CCTV Net Viewer)

22 Jan
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DX Client 2.7.1 is a small program which will allow you to connect to a certain IP address. (example:
If you have a CCTV Digital Video Recorder (DVR) connected to the internet you can connect to it using this program. It will allow you to view the cameras from any computer as long as you have this program installed and have an internet connection.

DX Client Net Viewer Screenshot

Download the DX Client 2.7.1:
Dx Client Net Viewer

Digital Video Recorder:
Dx Client can be used to connect to the following DVR and will most probably work on other models.

DVR DX Client Front

DVR DX Client Rear


If you need any more information, photos or help please comment below, thanks.


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