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Porsche Boxster 986 – Door Mechanism Repair.

01 Mar
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This page will show some photos on how you can repair a Porsche Boxster Door Mechanism.

This page is helpful if your driver or passenger door will not open when you pull the handle up. (The glass will drop but the door will not open.)

In Short:

The plastic part that connects to the threaded bar on the door handle mechanism either comes unclipped or loose. Just take the door trim apart and use a torch to reclip this back on. I did use a cable tie/strap to prevent it from sliding off again although I think it maybe just vibrated undone after years of driving.

Note: do not put the black plastic part all the way up the threaded bar as it will not allow you to drop the glass before you open the door. It will open the door and drop the glass all in one go which is not correct. So just adjust the black plastic part on the threaded bar to overcome this.

Photos below:

The black plastic part here has a slot in so the threaded bar can be pushed into it from the side you cannot see. Once in you can slide the larger black plastic part down towards the threaded bar to lock it in position.

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All-Torque Diagnostics – Offering Computerised Engine Diagnostic Services.

27 May
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All-Torque Diagnostics is now operating in and around Dorset. They offer computerised engine diagnostic services.

They have two price plans.

£25 for a basic scan.
£35 for a main dealer level scan.


Take a look at their Facebook page here for more information:

Visit their website here:

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Jaguar X-Type Middle Seat Belt Not Working – SOLVED

20 May
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If you have a Jaguar X-Type and the rear middle seat belt is not retracting or releasing try these steps below:

Release the rear seat using the catch to fold it down. (Only do this with the seat that has the middle seat belt actually built in to it.) Now slam the seat back really hard. Now try the seat belt it should fully work. If it doest not then remove the parcel shelf and check behind the seat for anything that could be trapping the seat from going completly back and retry this once again. If it solves it then install the parcel shelf back in the car.

This should solve the issue and now the middle passenger can use the seat belt again.

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Jaguar X-Type Fuel Filter Changed Now Engine Wont Start [SOLVED]

04 Jun
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I changed the fuel filter on a Jaguar X-Type 2005 model and now the engine wont start.  You can hear the engine trying to start but it doesnt quite make it.

Well basically the best way I found to solve this was to take the new fuel filter off and use a funnel and poor diesel directly into it filling it up and tilting it slightly to allow the air to come out of it fully and get as much diesel in as possible.
Re attach the fuel filter exactly how it was taken of to the correct hoses/pipes making sure the arrows line up and the fuel filter is the right way around as you can rotate it 180 degrees and it would then make the arrows point the wrong direction.
Refit and then turn the ignition on until the coil goes out on the dash light and repeat this for about five times.  Now start the engine it may hesitate very slightly and then just leave it to run and it will fully work as normal.

This is exactly what i did and it worked based on what I read online and in the Haynes manuals.  Hopefully this will save you a lot more time than I wasted on this task.

New Fuel Filter




Old Fuel Filter

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Local Bournemouth Bikers

14 Feb
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This is a page for local like-minded bikers. We would like to see you come to as many ride outs as possible and interact with the group as much as you can. We are looking for easy-going, friendly bikers to join our group. We try and do a ride out every other weekend and we tend to meet on Poole Quay every Tuesday evening for a meal and a laugh.

To view this Facebook group please click the following link.
Local Bournemouth Bikers

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Check the MOT status of a vehicle!

02 Jun
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To check MOT status of a vehicle go to the below link.

As the law will give you points for this! but will not send you a reminder letter! its all on your own back.


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Toyota Celica Wiper Size Chart

01 Apr
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Do you have trouble finding the correct size wiper blades to fit your car? maybe someone before you had put the wrong sizes on?

I used this website for my Toyota Celica 1996.

Toyota Celica 1996:
21″ Driver
20″ Passenger
20″ Rear


Hope this helps 😉

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Quads for You 250cc & 350cc Quad Bikes & Gendex Solar Installations Specialists

02 Sep
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Quad Bikes now on sale on Holton Heath by a company called Quads for You and Gendex who also specialise in Solar Installations.

There are two models available a 250cc and a 350cc and they can be custom sprayed with any paint job you like for a small fee.

They make appearances at Poole Quay Bike Night.

Please take a look at the photos below.

If you need anymore details please leave a comment.


Quads for You
Unit 2 Holton Road,
Holton Heath Trading Park,
BH16 6LT

If you do visit them use my name as referral: Jason Kench
Tel: 01202 625 588


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Where to Renew Your Tax Disc or Declare SORN with the DVLA

12 Jan
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You can renew your vehicle tax online at:


This is the quickest and easiest way.


or Phone 0300 123 4321

You can also renew the tax / declare SORN at the Post Office or by Post.

DVLA =  Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
SORN = Statutory Off Road Notification

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Triumph Speed Four – Problem with Regulator Rectifier / Alternator / Stator / Corroded Wiring Problem

29 Dec
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I have been having a few issues with my Triumph Speed Four motorbike.


The Problem:
Sometimes I have difficulty on starting the bike. Once I was at a friends house and I could not start the bike so I tried my best to roll it down a hill and put the ignition on and put it into gear two and pressing the clutch and also turning the throttle a bit whilst pressing the startup/ignition button. After one bump start tempt the bike started straight away and off I went home.

I then had a similar problem I had to jump start the bike connecting it to a battery jump pack. I got the bike going and rode a few miles. I noticed the speedo was flashing all the digits on and off and the indicators were flashing rapidly even thou no bulbs had blown. I kept riding a little more and as I revved the bike or put a bit more throttle down and gained speed the speedo and indicators operated normally again. I then sat in some roadworks (Common in the UK) and the bike seemed to have trouble with the revs at idle. Sounded like it was about to stall. A orange light appeared on the dash which was the engine management light. I thought maybe its something serious so was going to pull over shortly but the bike ended up turning itself off whilst I was going along and forced me to pull over. I could no longer start the bike it sounded like a clicking noise which made me think the battery was flat which was correct. I was then recovered after about 3 hours waiting for a recovery van to come collect me and take me 2 or 3 miles back to my home. Unfortunately he had to come from Portsmouth which is about 55 miles away so took him ages.

The recovery man believed it was a faulty battery or a problem with the regulator rectifier or a more uncommon problem which is the alternator.

I took it to the garage I purchased it from “Motorcycle Trade Ins” In Poole and they had a look at it and told me it was the battery and the DataTool alarms flatten the battery so quickly. They said they may have to remove the DataTool alarm from the bike for £45 removal fee. If that was not the problem then it would be the battery and that would be £55. I stated I did not want the alarm removed if the alarm appeared to be the issue because I may be able to solve this with a friend. The guy replied saying he has very well trained alarm installers that work for him and that if he couldnt solve it then I would not be able to. He also stated that he removes alarm systems from bikes all the time as the boards etc just break. Sounds very umm… well trained…

Ok I had my new battery fitted and the alarm was left connected working correctly still. All was fine for a week or two. Oh wait my warranty did not cover batteries I had only bought it 6 months ago. Oh wait my warranty has just expired last week damn! I didnt want to take it back to the garage as they seem to guess what the issue is and not actually fault find.

It had been very windy and my alarm was always beeping and going off in the night and hadnt used it for about another week so I thought maybe it would be flat but no it was perfectly fine. I was then going to my dads on boxing day but thought Id go the longer way through Bournemouth to give the battery a little more charge and a better run. The bike decided to cut out and stuttered as I pulled away at some traffic lights. I tried starting the bike and no luck… click.. click.. sounds like a flat battery.
So a lad pulls over with his girlfriend and says do you want a push. I was like yeah sure, thanks. He then pushed me whilst I tried to start the bike how I did last time. The bike sounded like it was back firing and almost starting but just couldnt get it to start even rolling down the hill with him pushing. I then spoke to my dad and he came down and connected jump leads to my bike and followed me home as all the indicators and speedo was flashing randomly and the bike was a bit stuttery.

I then read the plenty of information on the following websites and forums:


I came up with an idea to check the regulator rectifier on my bike for any visible damage to the connectors or corrosion on the terminals etc. I found that one of the yellow cables from the alternator that goes to the regulator rectifier was looking a bit green from corrosion on the copper and it was slightly burnt brown and looked like it may have got hot at some point.




I have now purchased a new piece of cable to solder on and connect to a new spade bit for the connector. I will also find some lubricant for the terminals to prevent corrosion.

This will be updated soon. I only posted this on the 29/12/2011 and will let you know how I get on.

Any suggestions or tips would be helpful.

The Resolution:

27/03/2016 – I forgot to update the resolution so here it is in short: I replaced the Stator and created a new cable from the stator all the way to the Regulator Rectifier.
The stator burnt out and the connectors melted and had corroded.

This was all solved and fully working and never had an issue since.



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