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Nvidia Screen Tearing Problem

05 Jan
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nVidia Screen Tearing Problem was solved from using multiple monitors and disabling the ones your not using to play (that’s where I got my screen tearing from).

Also tried using V-Sync did seem to help a little but was mainly down to dual monitors!




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IPS Tag – Allows you to give a Domain Registrar control of your domain!

27 Dec
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I transferred a domain from to for free.

I went to godaddy website and typed in the domain name I am transferring. Then Godaddy email me the IPS Tag: “GODADDY”. (same for everyone but please check)
Now enter “GODADDY” on the “IPS Tag” page for the domain you wish to transfer to GoDaddy.

Should take 24-48 hours to transfer.

Hope this helps.

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Steam – Error “Could not connect to Steam network”

27 Dec
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I had trouble playing games on “Steam” as the following error message kept coming up:

Error “Could not connect to Steam network”

This error was nothing to do with the steam servers or my Internet connection, it was down to the disk space where Steam is installed had run out and I only had 14MB free so it wouldn’t start steam as there was an update that it couldn’t do.

This was due to me buying the THQ Bundle of games and filling my hard drive.

Hope this gets someone else out the problem that I had over Christmas 27_12_2012.



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Video Download Helper (FireFox Plugin Add-on)

17 Nov
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Video DownloadHelper is a great Firefox plugin for downloading YouTube videos and videos from other sites.



I very much recommend and hope you find it useful.


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Fatal error: Allowed memory size of X bytes exhausted (tried to allocate X bytes)

13 Aug
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How to resovle this problem that took my site down and seems to be a common problem on google.


Create a file called php.ini in the root of your site (if you are using a hosted addon domain, this must be in the subdirectory of that site)

In php.ini, enter a line that says memory_limit = 64MB

In your site’s .htaccess (being a WordPress blog, I’m assuming there is one), enter the following line SetEnv PHPRC // (keep the slashes) Edit wp-config.php and enter the following line define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’);

Upload the new files to the server


It makes more sense to add the line:
define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’);`
to wp-config.php – wp-settings.php will be overwritten when you upgrade, but if the value is already defined in wp-config then it uses what is set there.

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Word Press Error Message

10 Jun
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The following word press error message seems to occur if you have exceeded your webspace on your server and you try to update wordpress.

Error Message:

Download failed.: Failed writing body (409 != 1448)

So make some room and then apply the latest wordpress 3.3.2 update and all will work fine.

Hope this is helpfull

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Overheating and Crashing on the Mac Book Pro with BOOTCAMP & Windows 7

17 Jan
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I recently installed BOOTCAMP on my MacBook Pro and also installed Microsoft Windows 7. I choose to use Windows 7 on startup by holding down the “alt” key as soon as you power it on until the BOOTCAMP selection screen comes up. You can then choose to boot Mac OS X or Windows 7.

I was watching videos on Windows Media Player and the CPU seemed to be working at about 89% and the CPU temp was getting very high about the same and then the laptop would freeze the video and freeze completely. You then had to reboot using the Mac Power Button on the actual notebook.

I could not hear the fan working on Windows 7 and I could also feel the underneath of the Mac getting very hot! and no the vents were not blocked.

I would also like to state that I used an application on the Mac called smcFanControl. I wacked the RPM up to  6200RPM. I then rebooted the notebook into windows 7. If you reboot you can keep the CPU fan running at 6200RPM if you shutdown the fan will not be running at that rpm.
So I then booted up Windows 7 and watched another video again in Windows Media Player to find out that if did exactly the same thing again. It seemed to be over heating but maybe its the Graphics chip that was over heating or maybe not enough memory is being used by BOOTCAMP for Windows 7. I dont actually know.

What I do know is once I updated Windows 7 on Windows Update and also installed the BOOTCAMP update to 3.3 and then rebooted this solved the issue. So maybe it was to do with BOOTCAMP or a Windows Update on the drivers.

Im just glad I can use Windows 7 now with no crashing and overheating.

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How to Quickly Renew Your IP address on Windows 7

15 Jan
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How to renew your IP address on Windows 7 when your mum accidently knocks the power lead out of the router and modem.

Start Menu
Search for programs and files
Type in “Run”
then Type in “cmd” in the next box.

Then command prompt will open and type the following:
“ipconfig /renew”


This will renew all IP address for all the adapters connected.

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PHP Web Stat – Problem with recreating the cache

08 Jan
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If you get a problem with the PHP Web Stat counter not loading and saying the following message then I have a possible solution.

Error Message:
PHP Web Stat Updating Stat Cache ErrorPlease wait…
Updating stat cache!
This process can take a few seconds.


If the problem occurs, no Finish button will appear by creating the cache, the following approach could solve this problem:

FIX 1:
Browser = Internet Explorer?
The problem should not occur

Browser = Firefox?
When using this browser the following setting will help:
1. Open “about:config” in the firefox browser. (Instead of “” use “about:config” this will access the FireFox configuration file.
2. Select the value “network.http.redirection-limit” or copy and paste it from here and search the config file for this value.
3. Choose the right mouse button and choose “Edit” or “Modify”
4. Change the default value from “20” to “100”
5. Confirm with the OK button
6. Exit browser and restart
7. Ready


Fix 2:

If the problem still persists try this:
When you have installed the counter visit the address e.g:

The sysinfo.php page will show you green tick, yellow caution signs and red crosses.

What they mean:

Green Tick = Everything fine.
Yellow Caution = Possibly delete the file such as update.php
Red Cross = Problem with permissions on the file or folder.

You need to fix all these issues to make sure your counter works correctly.

Easiest way would be to log into FTP program and right click on each file and folder to change the permission to what it either states in the manual or like below:

A useful page to access when the counter is not working correctly is the admin page located here for example:

Another very useful page is the admin area called “Statistic Backup” always create a statistic backup when you make any modification and also on a regular basis incase of hacking or file loss etc.

The developers forum is located here:

Apart from this problem the counters they offer are really easy to setup and great to monitor website visitors. We at NerdorTurd have purchased PHP Web Stat to monitor our visitors.
If you are interested please visit:




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WP WordPress Theme Installation & Location

24 Dec
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WordPress Themes should be located:


Example theme located there:


You must make sure all theme files are located in the theme folder e.g “chocotheme”. Also having all the theme files located together makes it easier to manage.

Themes can be manually uploaded to the server or they can be automatically installed/uploaded for you by doing the following:

  1. Goto the Admin Dashboard
  2. Click Appearance on the left menu
  3. Click Themes
  4. Then click on the “Install Themes” tab at the top.
  5. Click the upload link just below the tab.
  6. Browse for the .zip file
  7. Click on “Install Now”

This will only work for themes in a .zip file.

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CSS Blockquotes for Quotations

24 Dec
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If you like the style of the blockquotes/quotation boxes on NerdorTurd then please feel free to modify and use the following code.

Example of the blockquote:

This is a blockquote notice how I stand out from the rest of the page!


Just copy and paste the following into your “style.css” for the theme you are using:
Example of where the style.css file will be located:



Copy and paste the following into the style.css. (If blockquote already exists you can copy and paste the following to replace the existing code:)

blockquote {
background: #FFE6A8;
margin: 0px 25px 15px 25px;
padding: 10px 20px 0px 15px;
border-top: 1px solid #DDDDDD;
border-right: 1px solid #666666;
border-left: 1px solid #DDDDDD;
border-bottom: 1px solid #666666;

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CSS Basic Custom Style Sheet

24 Dec
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The <Style> tags allows you to define style information for an HTML document.

  • <Style> tags always go in the header of the HTML document.


Example below:

<style type=”text/css”>
h1 {color:red;}
p {color:blue;}

<h1>Header 1</h1>
<p>A paragraph.</p>

Please feel free to copy and paste this into a new text document and save it as a .html file. You can then view or drag it into most web browsers such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.

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Windows Live Messenger / MSN Bots Scam

14 Jan
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I have been added on more than serveral occasions by Windows Live Messenger Bots (MSN Bots) they pretend they are a real person and offer an apparently free viewing of their webcam session.

I just wish someone can report or delete their accounts which I will add here. They are a huge scam and WILL take money from your account if you enter your Credit Card (CC) details in.

So be aware of and if you want to be scammed of money please visit the site and enter your details.
myhomecamnetwork Screenshot
myhomecamnetwork Screenshot 2

Bot email addresses:

  • More addresses coming soon, when users let me know and when I come across more.

Look below for the example: (Conversation is a good example how they reply or don’t answer your questions.)

Jace said (11:15):
Megan said (11:16):
Hey I saw you on myspace? i dont remember if we are friends.
Jace said (11:16):
fuck off
Megan said (11:16):
so whats up with you today?  had a fun new years?
Megan says (11:17):
*Where did you go?
Jace says (11:21):
Megan says (11:22):
*yeah im just a lil bored have off of work today.
Jace says (11:22):
*did you go to the park today?
Megan says (11:22):
*currently im working for a fashion design company
Jace says (11:22):
*oh that answered my question
Megan says (11:23):
*im entered in a fashion and talent contest and  your rating would mean alot to me
Jace says (11:23):
*so where is my free webcam showing that I wont tell anyone about…..?
Megan says (11:23):
*I have a bunch of lingirie to choose from… whats your favorite color? im tryin to decidelol
Jace says (11:23):
Megan says (11:24):
*hmmm…. lol I think i might be able to do that, go to scroll ALL the way DOWN to the bottom u will see “Friends of Megan”, tell me when you get the password page!
Megan says (11:25):
Jace says (11:25):
Megan says (11:25):
*put in the password: myfriend4
Jace says (11:25):
*ok so where do i enter my credit card details?
Megan says (11:26):
*yea, fill out your info,first and last name, make sure you put your correct b-day k?
Jace says (11:26):
Megan says (11:27):
*kk, if you entered as our friend, it should say 0.00 at the bottom, if so you are good for our friend’s pass
Jace says (11:27):
*surely you have to verify my age with a credit card? and run loads of purchases and frauds off of it?!
Megan says (11:28):
*CC is just to verify your age hun,its the sites policy, we had to to do the same thing .. it won’t charge, u got the free password
Jace says (11:29):
*will you fuck off?
Megan says (11:29):
*I just found some booty shorts lol i think im gonna put a skirt on!!!!!!!
Megan says (11:30):
*Are you there…?

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Microdirect – Samsung 750GB Spinpoint F1 SAT (Samsung HD753LJ)

12 Jan
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Microdirect LogoI purchased a hard drive from microdirect about a year ago. The hard disc drive is a “Samsung 750GB Spinpoint F1 SAT,  Samsung HD753LJ” and has always seemed to have problems with sectors and the hard disc drive did not always appear in “My Computer”.
I ran Spinrite to repair the sectors which seemed to work for a while and then the problems started occuring again. So Spinrite seemed to be a temporary fix until the problem got worse.

I have two other Samsung HD753LJ connected to the computer for storage of games and software and media etc. The main reason I bought the third one was for data backup. I use Cobian 9 to backup all my files from my other  Samsung HD753LJ 750Gb. Due to me loosing very precious data in the past I learnt from this mistake and could justify spending £65 on another hard drive purely for backups.

The hard disc drive came with 3 years manufacturer warranty.
I then tried to contact Samsung directly and they told me to use the ES-TOOL which seemed very useful but still did not help resolve any of my issues but alerted me of an error code which was:

Error code/Fault description :
Service code => AJ38 : Smart Error
Error Occured Test Loop Number 1

I then tried to submit an RMA to Samsung but it came up with this problem:

“code 103: The product has been brought in from outside of this service region and cannot be serviced. Please contact your reseller or distributor.”

So I now enter my country on the website as China instead of UK and I can progress further for the RMA. I guessed China as most things seemed to be imported from here these days.

It the produced an RMA sheet which states I need to return the item to China. No way was I going to do that when Samsung must have offices in the UK. So I emailed samsung and explained the problem they stated:

“The RMA number that you have provided belongs to a service center located outside of your service region. Please understand that your hard drive was brought in from outside of your service region and you may contact the point of purchase for further assistance.”

I the contacted Microdirect and they said submit an RMA on the site once logged in. I tried and it said it was out of warranty which was incorrect.(I had my receipt to prove them wrong just incase.)

They generated my an RMA and sent it in an email. I have now returned the hard disc drive in similar and suitable packaging to microdirect which cost me £2.99 for recorded signed delivery.

Another interesting email Samsung sent me (From: SamsungHDD RMA []):

Dear customer.

Firstly, we apologize for your inconvenience.
Your HDD sold from SAMSUNG to HongKong.In this case, your drive must provice RMA by point of purchased.
Your dealer(supplier) should bear all the responsibility for the HDD.
If you want to RMA service, please contact your dealer(supplier) or our homepage RMA process. – support – warranty
? Out of service area.. This mean grey distributed.
This is not shipped your country and area ,
For example ,  If one of drive requested in USA, but this drive were shipped to EU country ..
it will be reject service request in USA.
? Please always BACK-UP your preclous data.


I will update you on my progress and how easy or awkward they can be to deal with. It was sent today 12/01/2009.

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Magic: The Gathering Vault (MTG VAULT)

09 Jan
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MTG Vault is an online Magic: The Gathering deckbuilding tool that allows you to build your decks online and share them with your friends using our complete MTG card database. Add your decks now and you will never need anything else!

Visit the site:

Magic The Gathering Vault MTG Website Preview

Magic The Gathering Vault MTG Website Preview

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JaKes Creations Professional Web Design

09 Jan
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JaKes Creations Professional Web Design

JaKes Creations is a company based in Poole near the popular town of Bournemouth in Dorset.
The company was started up whilst I was studying computing and software frameworks at Bournemouth University.

JaKes Creations offers a reliable, professional and friendly service and we are always here to help.
We have undertaken many company projects have ranging from small personal websites to large sophisticated business websites.

Jakes Creations Professional Web Design Hornet LogoJakes Creations Professional Web Design Banner
Jakes Creations Professional Web Design Hornet Logo
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Spyware & Virus Tools

09 Oct
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Spyware Tools
The best spyware tool I can recommend is Spybot Search and Destroy which is free.
Download Spybot here:



My favourite anti-virus program is Avast Home Edition which is again free.
I choose this over AVG because Avast allows you to schedule a boot time scan. This scans the computer before windows has even started running.
The only downside is that it only works on 32-bit operating systems at the moment.

avast logo
Download Avast:

AVG Free Edition
Download AVG:


The best Registry and temporary file cleaner is CCleaner which is completely free!

ccleaner logo
Download CCleaner:

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